Bento Love: Watermelon Meal

Top down image of watermelon themed lunchboxBento Love: Watermelon Meal Lunchbox

For this EasyLunchBox lunch there is an open face “watermelon” pb&j sandwich, crackers, fresh watermelon and 2 gummy treats for dessert.

My new Family Fun magazine came and I was so excited to see this fun new peanut butter and jelly sandwich! My girls LOVE pb&j and LOVE watermelon, so I knew this sammie would rock their world 🙂 When I presented it to Big D, she said….”LOOK! A pizza!!!” (mommy fail)child sitting at a table eating watermelon themed lunchbox

I then gave Little D her lunch, and she new right away that it was a watermelon. (mommy win!) hehe. Regardless, here are the quick, easy  steps on how to make this fun sandwich.

  1. Cut bread into a triangle with a rounded top. First spread peanut butter. (We LOVE Justin’s)
  2. Next spread on your jelly.
  3. Add a couple raisins to look like watermelon seeds.
  4. Place your sandwich on a plate, or in your EasyLunchBox (as pictured) and place grapes at the top to look like the watermelon rind.
  5. Not only can you find this fun sandwich in the June/July 2012 Family Fun issue, but you can also see it on Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons.
    Easy and fun! Hope you enjoy!

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    1. That is so cool that you were in Family Fun! I love that magazine soooo much! Tons of such great ideas 🙂 I have to ask, how do you get your ideas submitted to them?! They totally should have given you credit in the magazine! I will def link it to your post 🙂

  1. I just got that issue of Family Fun too.. liking their 4th of July star pops too! Your lunch is SO cute with this sandwich! 🙂