Even more FUN with GE Café refrigerator with a Keurig Brewing System

Even more FUN with GE Café refrigerator with a Keurig Brewing System

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We have only had our new GE Café refrigerator with Keurig Brewing System for a few weeks now, but it’s amazing how it’s already making our lives so much easier.

For starters, it’s just so much better organized than our old one. Just check out all these drawers! My very favorites are those convenient lower drawers that I keep stocked with prepped fresh fruit, veggies, and other snacks. They’re right at a kid-friendly height, so now my girls can easily grab snacks for themselves instead of always asking Mommy to get them. (Those big, long handles on the door also make it easy for little hands to open.)

GE Café refrigerator with a Keurig Brewing System

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The freezer storage is also super convenient. A bottom-drawer freezer is definitely the easiest kind to use, because you can just pile things into it and they don’t all fall out every time you open the door. And this one actually has a smaller top drawer inside the main freezer drawer, with lift-out baskets under that, so you can actually keep everything organized.

But if I had to pick just one thing I love most, it would have to be the precision fill feature on the door dispenser. Basically, you can just push a button for, say, 1.5 cups, and it pours out that exact amount for you…right into whatever container you want. So now any time I need water for soup, stew, or any other kind of recipe, I have it right at my fingertips…no need to go get out the measuring cup. And no need to mess around with the filter pitcher, either, because the fridge has its own super-high-tech filtration system built right in.

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And of course, we are all loving the built-in Keurig dispenser. Yes, even the kids, because it does way more than just make coffee. There are K-Cups for tea, herbal tea, and hot cocoa…literally hundreds of different varieties. And if by some chance I ever want something that doesn’t come in a K-Cup, like soup or oatmeal, my new fridge can give me hot water for it at the exact temperature I want.

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So yeah, this fridge is definitely a part of the family now. It makes life easier for the all of us, especially Mom…and when Mom’s happy, everybody’s happy. Thanks hhgregg!

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