Family Lunch Box Ideas – Week 12

collage image of 5 different lunchbox ideas

 Howdy Family Fresh Mealers! I hope you are all having a fantastic week so far. Here is a round up of some lunches I packed for the week.  I hope they spark some lunch-packing inspiration for you 🙂

A quick side note:  You’ll see I have packed edamame again this week (a family fav)  I had a friend ask me how the heck I got my kids to like edamame. Well, for starters they are yummy! haha That always helps. But I get it, introducing new/strange looking foods is hard.  I have found that calling them fun names that the kids understand helps a ton.

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Brussels sprout = fairy lettuce. Chia seeds = magic sprinkles. Rice cakes = popcorn bread. Kale chips = leaf chips. Seaweed snacks = mermaid food. Edamame = magic beans.  Ever since they were little,  I made up these cute names for new food, and it sparked their interest.

It still cracks me up when we go out for sushi, and the girls look at the waiter and order “magic beans.” Now that they are growing up more, I use both the real and made-up name so they become more familiar with the foods.  This has worked wonders for me, so give it a try. I know it sounds silly, but you never know…it might just be the trick that opens up a whole new world of food for your kiddos 🙂

{School Lunch} Someone turned 7 recently! So a special Birthday lunch was a must! In this birthday PlanetBox I packed a b-day cake sandwich, crackers and yogurt covered raisins, fresh fruit and a fruit leather #7!

B-day cake shaped sandwich, crackers and yogurt covered raisins, fresh fruit and a fruit leather #7 - packed in a metal lunchbox 

{School Lunch & Mommy Lunch} Here I packed both girls (and myself) a “hot dog” lunch. It’s actually a yummy chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s, but anything that resembles a hot dog is still referred to as one by my girls 🙂 There are also some fresh fruit, veggies, pretzels and a mini dipper of ketchup for dipping.  Packed in EasyLunchboxes 

Top down image of 2 lunch boxes with Hot dogs packed for lunch

{School Lunch} Next up are mini heart pocket sandwiches, fresh watermelon, celery and a Mashup pack.  Packed in EasyLunchboxes 

Mini heart Sandwich Pockets, celery and watermelon packed in a lunch box

{School Lunch} In this PlanetBox I packed some raspberries, caramel corn, crackers and some steam edamame.

Edamame, crackers and fruit packed in a metal lunch box

{School Lunch} In this PlanetBox you’ll find watermelon, cherry tomatoes, pickles, crackers and a rice cake.

Rice cakes, , fresh fruit and veggies packed in a metal lunchbox


Two children sitting at a table with lunch boxes


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  1. Hi Corey, I love your website and ideas. I have a question about your mini pocket sandwiches. What do you put in them? I’ve only had luck with peanut butter. Any tips? Thanks!

    1. Hey Jenn!
      We do a variety of nut butters, pb & jelly, jelly plain, a mixture of cream cheese and olives, or cream cheese and salami, cream cheese and jelly works well too. My girls also love the laughing cow cheeses. Those come in a TON of both sweet and savory flavors. I hope that helps 🙂

  2. Do you just east the “hot dog” cold?

    1. Yes, or room temp. Some schools, or if you are packing it for work…have access to microwaves if cold hot dogs are not you thing. You could also wrap a warm hot dog in foil before packing to retain some of the heat. Hope that helps!

  3. love the ideas, was wondering what the birthday cake sandwich is made out of? thanks