My Favorite Back to School Lunch Supplies

Collage image showing many School Lunch Supplies

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Howdy folks! Tomorrow rings in August and that means it’s officially back to school season.

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This right here is the MOTHER LOAD of all must have lunch making supplies. All of these wonderful supplies are what make my school year a breeze when it comes to crafting fun lunches for my kiddos.

And guess what?! There might be an amazing giveaway at the end of this most…. so keep reading!

Let’s start with the most important part. The Lunchbox. They come in all shapes and sizes.  I love them all, but as you will see in my weekly lunch posts I tend to pack most of our lunches in EasyLunchboxes and Planetboxes.

  1. EasyLunchboxes Brights and Classic color sets
  2. Planetboxes
  3. Lunchbots Duo, Trio and Cinco
  4. Goodbyn Hero
  5. Lock and Lock square container
  6. Yubo Deluxe 
  7. Yumbox

collage image showing 7 different lunch boxes


 Next we have sandwich cutters!

These types of cutters are great for making boring old sandwiches fun! Think of them as cookie cutters for a sandwich. Simply make you favorite sandwich and press one of these on top! Ten seconds later…. you have a magical sandwich!

  1.  Lunch Punch sets.  Puzzle ShapesSweet SetWhimsical ShapesAnimal Shapes, and Transport Shapes 
  2.   Variety of circle and square cutters
  3. CuteZCute cutter
  4. 101 Wilton Cookie Cutter Set
  5. Cuddle Palz cutter

collage image of 5 different sandwich cutters



To add special details to lunches…..these smaller food cutters are perfect for cheese, fruit-leather, meat and some fruits and veggies.

  1. Mini shapes 
  2. Mini heart and flower cutter
  3. Animal cutters
  4. 12 piece mini cutter set 1, set 2, set 3, set 4 
  5.   Alphabet
  6. . Stainless steel vegetable cutters: Set 1 & Set 2

collage image showing small food cutters



Food picks are also an uber easy way to cute up a lunch.  Plop a few of these puppies in and you go from blah to WOW it 2 seconds!

  1. Pandas and Bunnies
  2. Balloon, stem, bone, ring and umbrellas  Colorful Alphabet
  3. Leaf picks,  Colorful flowers, and  Cute honey bee, ladybug, flower, and clover picks
  4.   Animal set 1 and animal set 2

collage image showing food picks



Silicone muffin cups are a great way to separate food within your lunch boxes, and they also happen to add a POP of fun color.  I use these all the time to make my DIY Lunchables.  Sauce containers work great for dressings or condiments!

  1.   Flower shaped, round and rectangle muffin cups.
  2. Orange, cherry and pea pod shaped cups
  3. Mini Dippers
  4. Animal sauce containers, polka-dot and stripe 

collage image showing Cups and sauce containers



These are a must have for kids who love Uncrustable sandwiches. Did you know you could make your own and freeze them?!  Here’s the tools I use to make my own 🙂

  1. Kotobuki Panda Sandwich Molds
  2. Mini heart and square pocket sandwich press.

collage image showing differnt DIY Uncrustables tools



Here are all the other MUST HAVES that I use all the time. They didn’t quite fit into another category 🙂

  1. Bento Baran ( you lay it on top of or in between foods as a decoration: see here)  Pandas, happy food, animals, rainbow pack.
  2. Lunchbox silverware 
  3. Food sprinkles, and  candy eyes
  4.  Newspaper designed wax paper
  5. Elastic silicone bands ( great for holding wraps together)
  6. Lunchbox Love Notes {my girls LOVE finding these in their lunchboxes}
  7. Food Color Markers

collage image showing Other Lunchbox must haves



Here are some of our favorite lunch bags to use with our lunchboxes, along with drink canisters to keep refreshments cool and thermos containers to keep items hot!

  1. EasyLunchboxes Insulated Bags
  2. Pack It Freezable Lunch Bag
  3. Skip Hop Zoo Lunch Bags
  4.   Thermos drink containers, Thermos FOOGO drink containers
  5.  Thermos FUNtainer 

Collage images showing different Lunch bags

Don’t forget to visit my lunch box section for TONS of lunchbox ideas for the WHOLE FAMILY! During the school year, ideas are updated weekly!

Lunchbox Ideas

And just in case you need some MORE lunch packing inspiration, check out these books!  Both are jammed packed with lunch packing ideas for both kids and adults!


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  1. My biggest lunch-packing struggle is how to cater to the different needs of my kids. It’s so confusing sometimes! I would really like to streamline the process more, but their preferences are so different.

  2. Love all your lunch ideas! They are so inspiring 🙂

  3. My biggest struggle is not wanting to pack the same things every day! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Forcing myself to pack the night before so I’m not scrambling in the morning!

  5. My biggest challenge is putting them together QUICKLY.