Bento Love: The Tooth Fairy

Top down image of a Tooth Fairy Themed lunchbox Bento Love: The Tooth Fairy Lunchbox

In the large compartment of the Easy Lunchbox is a turkey tooth fairy sandwich, holding a carrot tooth. She is surrounded by grapes, blueberries and raspberries. In the upper right are bread teeth on top of raisins. The bottom right are cheese coins the tooth fairy left behind 🙂

One of Big D’s older friends lost a tooth recently. This was very concerning to Big D. So, what’s a mom to do?….turn to Yo Gabba Gabba!

There was a fun Tooth Fairy episode that explained the whole process. After watching that episode… Big D has been talking about the Tooth Fairy NON STOP! So, I thought this bento lunch would make her day! She loved it 🙂Little girl sitting with The Tooth Fairy Lunchbox, smiling

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  1. haha we love that episode too.

    LOVE the tooth fairy and the little teeth sandwiches. 🙂

    Little Miss has a dentist appt coming up again soon, I should make her a cute lunch to go with – Have never done that before. LOL

    LOVE IT!