Quick and Easy Halloween School Lunch

top down image of a halloween themed lunchboxThe title of this post comes to you from the world famous singer…Little D! Her platinum hit “Only 6 Days ’til Halloween” has the people BEGGING for more. It seems like everyday, the girls ask, “How many days until Halloween MOM?!” On this very special day, Little D broke out in a full song. Don’tcha love the microphone? HA!

In this quick and easy lunch, you will find a thermos of chicken noodle soup,  some broccoli, carrots, small orange (colored with a food marker) 2 Trader Joe’s Tofu Edamame Nuggets and a Halloween Jo Jo for dessert 🙂
child sitting at table with halloween themed lunchbox. Speech bubble coming from her mouth saying 6 Daaaaaaays 'til Halloweeeeen

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