Valentine’s Lunchbox Ideas for the Family

collage image of 4 different Valentine's Day Lunch box Ideas for the family

As I have talked abut before, I LOVE Valentine’s Day. February is almost here, so I thought it would be a great time to give you guys some quick Valentine’s Lunchbox Ideas you can use for your family.

You’ll see that I have paired all my Valentine’s Day Lunchbox ideas with a fun Lunchbox Love® card.  For this holiday of love and friendship, Lunchbox Love® is offering a special, two volume pack Valentine’s Day addition. This set comes with 24 special Valentine’s cards — enough for classmates and those extra special teachers.

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Valentine's day themed Lunchbox with a Valentine's day note

Each card has the same heartfelt message on the front and a unique animal fun fact on the back.  Attach a Lunchbox Love for Valentine’s Day card on a pack of stickers, add to a gift bag, or give on its own–the recipient will sure to feel Loved and have fun at the same time!

Now on to the Valentine’s Lunchbox Ideas!

{Mommy Lunch } It’s easy to add some Valentine’s Day flare to your work lunch. Here I added some carrot hearts to my garden salad, and removed the core from my apple slices with a small heart cookie cutter.  In this lunch you will also find some guacamole, fresh blueberries (under the apples), trail mix and my new favorite Hibiscus Kombucha!   Packed in EasyLunchboxes  

Valentine's day themed Lunchbox

{School Lunch} Here I packed a Valentine’s Day fairy bread sandwich.  Fairy bread is an easy way to jazz up a boring sandwich. Simply use small cookie cutters to remove shapes and place sprinkles in the cut out.  I also have some fresh fruit and vegges packed up with a container of dip.   Packed in EasyLunchboxes 

Heart Fairy Bread Sandwich, fresh fruit and vegetables packed in a lunchbox

In this PlanetBox I have some mini heart sandwiches packed, along with some fresh kiwi, watermelon, carrots, heart-shaped hard boiled egg, pretzels, raisins and some conversation hearts.

Mini Heart Shaped Sandwiches packed in a lunchbox

{School Lunch} Last but not least is this tuna/pasta salad lunch. I topped Big D’s pasta salad with a cheese heart, packed some fresh veggies, pretzels and a plum. Packed in a LunchBot.

Valentine's day themed Lunchbox with a Valentine's day note

Child sitting at a table with a Valentine's day Lunchbox Ideas

Post Updated September 2020

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  1. My favorite part of Valentine’s day is of course the chocolate, but also making everything heart -shaped! Cards, lunch items, candies, cupcakes…etc etc

  2. Jannelle Marie Knapp says:

    My favorite part of valentine’s day is all the extra hugs and kisses!!!

  3. My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is coming up with creative ways to show my boys that I love them. Whether it’s heart-shaped pancakes, special treats in their lunches, or making special Valentine’s for them, it’s a fun day to show everyone a little extra love!

  4. Michelle B says:

    My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is watching my sons get so into cutting out hearts and talking about love! In a house full of boys, it’s nice to see them being all lovey dovey!