Bento Love: Trick or Treat

Top down photo of Trick or Treat Halloween Lunchbox Bento Love: Trick or Treat Halloween Lunchbox

Starting on the left, there are cheese pumpkins stacked with crackers and pepperoni.

Next are pear slices. On the bottom left is a salmon patty, topped with ketchup and a piece of skeleton cheese. For dessert are spooky fruit snacks.child sitting at a table with Bento Love: Trick or Treat Halloween Lunchbox 

This one was a real crowd pleaser over here. Big D LOVES salmon… but salmon topped with cheese!!! Woohoo! There was a ton of food in this bento, so I didn’t think the girls would come close to finishing it.

And they didn’t. They ate about half. However, that made my life 100% easier at afternoon snack time, when I had leftover cheese and crackers ready to go!

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  1. Ahhh…now I understand your large number votes…but that is OK to invite people to vote. That means more people are seeing the site and hopefully participate themselves! Now this Trick or Treat bento will work for the Halloween theme starting the 28th.

  2. So great! I can’t believe that I haven’t thought to send cheese, meat and crackers for their lunch…I am going to try it now!

  3. Lindsi, I hope you kids love it as much as mine do!
    Diana…. my votes are getting outta control. Sorry. But I was also hoping by getting the word out, it would bring more numbers to your site and like you said, get more people involved 🙂