Awesome Back to School Lunch Supplies

drawer full of lunch making suppliesPlease don’t judge… I know I Might Have a Problem. Every time I see a new lunch cutter, or bento box….I just must buy it!

I have had several requests in the past couple months to post about the tools I use to make my lunches. The bottom draw of my kitchen island lunch making station.

 Awesome Back to School Lunch Suppliesdrawer full of lunch making supplies

  1. Lunch Punches
  2. Silicone cups
  3. FunBites
  4. Egg molds (great for sandwich balls )
  5. Mini alphabet cutters
  6. Mini shape cutters
  7. decorative animal cups
  8. MORE mini cutters
  9. decorative picks
  10. Mini silicone cups
  11. nori cutters

Next drawer, more goodies!

  1. random cookie cutters I used the most.
  2. Lunch Bot
  3. Goodbyn
  4. square and circle lock’n’lock boxes
  5. Planetbox
  6. small bentos: All Things For Sale.
  7. Rice molds, small cutter and sauce containers
  8. Easy Lunchboxes
  9. Smart Planet boxes
  10. Laptop Lunch box
  11.  Reuse Boxdrawer full of lunch making supplies

Well… there you have it! These are some of the supplies behind the lunch making magic here at Family Fresh Meals.

I linked up some of the products to where I bought them, in case you are interested in adding to your collection. I hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know if you have any questions!
XO Corey

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  1. I can’t wait until my collection is that big. It’s slowly getting there, but it’s nowhere near as big as your collection… yet.

  2. What a fun addiction 🙂 And it looks like you keep it so organized, just like your lunches, I love that!

  3. Anonymous says:

    So funny I have 1 dinosaur sandwich cutter and I’m always kicking it around the kitchen drawers. WOW!

  4. Oh!!! SNAP!!!!

    I have an addiction to Bento supplies too!! But somehow yours seem alot more organised than mine. I have a couple of boxes full and a cupboard.. sneakily buying different things every now and then. Though Australia doesn’t have much bento lunchboxes available.. its nice to see someone else who is as obsessed with Bentos as I am!!

    But I bet you do yummier bento lunches than I do!!

    New Liker from Perth, Australia xx

  5. I just started packing my 1st grader lunches again after a severe food allergy issue. I qualify for free lunches for my kid but its just not worth it when the cafeteria workers are rude to you when you personally go in to explain what he can and can’t have with lists and print outs and concerns and pics of skin rashes from the foods…

    Anyways I am new to all this bento stuff but the kids are totally loving it. My youngest is 4.5 but he is at home during lunch. I still pack him one because he thinks its fun.

    Anyways my questions is the mini alphabet punches/cookie cutters got terrible reviews on amazon because people couldn’t get the cookies, dough, fondant out of the cutters. I was thinking about buying that set but not being experienced in cooking or baking at all I was worried. Do you have any suggestions on how to get the letters out easier?

    1. I am so glad to hear that you are loving bento lunch packing! It really is fun to see the smile come across the kiddo’s face when they see their special lunch. 🙂 Yes, any of the alphabet cutters are going to be a little difficult to get the cheese, meat, fruit leather, etc.. out of, because they are so small. but I have had really good lunch with these. It helps to have a toothpick or a something similar, to work the food item out of the cutter. Hope that helps! XO

      1. Thank you for the quick reply! I was looking at those cutters but wasn’t sure. I’ve seen like 2-3 inch cutters but I wanted smaller ones to make words and such without having a ton of cookie or bread or whatever in the lunch box.

        I have a lot of stuff I want now! LOL Its given me an excuse to get back in the habit of cooking again. It can be frustrating being a single mom and all three of us having different allergies, likes and dislikes. Generally dinner is eat what ever you want (within reason). Kids usually grab some veggies and PB sandwiches while I microwave a meal for myself. I don’t care for PB sandwiches and they don’t care for meat!

        So when they get home from school I’m getting in the routine of washing their lunch boxes, making something for dinner, cleaning up and making their lunches for the next day. Its given me something fun to do for them when my depression has made it difficult to enjoy play time with them!

  6. I have serious kitchen envy now! And Bento envy 🙂

  7. After seeing your stash, I now know how much is too much. And I have a LONG way to go before then. 🙂 I think of Bento as “Scrapbooking meets Lunch” my two fav things art and eating. <3

    1. This is my favorite!! Maybe that’s why I love it!!

  8. JustCorey says:

    I saw your lunch making supplies on Pinterest and had to see it!
    Typically I don’t comment on posts and just repin but I HAD to this time….
    My name is also Corey… I’ a mother of two boys and I love making creative lunches for them. My boys are only 3 and 1 1/2 right now and I don’t have many supplies yet, but I am sure with a little bit of time I will start collecting. Thank you for sharing some of your fun ideas… I’m sure I will be coming back to see more soon.

    1. Nice to meet you Corey! hehe I am so glad you found my site. 🙂

  9. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen……and I am IN LOVE! I want every one of those amazing bins of goodness!! So jealous! Thanks for sharing!!