Week 18: School Lunch Box Ideas

Collage image of 5 different packed lunchboxes

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TGIF! I hope you all had a lovely week. How’s the lunch packing been going? Remember if you ever have any questions or tips to share, leave it in the comments at the end of the post. I always love to hear about what you’re packing, and of course,  love to help if you have a question 🙂

There’s nothing too special about lunch this week. Just some good old lunchbox staples I like to turn to and that the kids love to eat. I hope you enjoy what I packed this week!

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{School Lunch} First up we have one of my go-to sandwich free lunches.  Apple sauce, veggies & dip, a Cliff Zbar and crackers. Packed in a Lunchbot Trio

lunchbox packed with apple sauce, vegetables, crackers and a granola bar

{School Lunch} Have you ever met anyone who didn’t love brunch? I know I haven’t. Brunch packed for lunch it one of my kids’ favorites! Here I have packed some mini pancakes, syrup in a mini dipper, bacon and kiwi. Packed in EasyLunchboxes 

Lunchbox packed some mini pancakes, syrup, bacon and kiwi.

{School  Lunch} Here I packed up some leftover crockpot steak, crackers, yogurt raisins & cereal, cherry tomatoes and apples. Packed in a Planetbox

Steak, crackers, yogurt raisins & cereal, cherry tomatoes and apples packed in a metal lunchbox

{School Lunch}  Quick and easy salad? Yes please. Here I have a yummy salad packed up with some oranges and leftover mac & cheese. Packed in EasyLunchboxes 

Chopped salad oranges and mac & cheese packed in a lunchbox

{School Lunch} Last but not least we have some Mary’s Gone Crackers (<— omg…love these things!) fruit snacks, apples and some salami.  Packed in a Lunchbot Quad

Crackers fruit snacks, apples and some salami packed in a small metal lunchbox

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    1. Thank you!!

  1. Katharine in Brussels says:

    Thanks to you, Corey, I bought two dozen colourful silicone muffin cups, which my preschoolers love. Am very impressed that your tribe will eat raw broccoli. Your brunch box is so inspired. My kids would swoon with delight if I packed them bacon! I love silver dollar pancakes so I am going to give this a try once I nail my vegan WW pancakes recipe down. The kids would also luuuuv mac ‘n’ cheese in their lunch boxes so much that the youngest might oblige to give salad a taste 🙂 Thanks for the non-sandwich lunchboxes, it makes it so much easier to pack them in advance.

  2. Hi Corey! I came across your blog while I was searching for fresh work lunch ideas and overall meal inspiration and you have been a wonderful help! I am loving your recipes and photos! Quick question for you – in week 18, 2nd last lunch pictured, what is in the salad? It looks delicious!

    1. Thank you Amy! Yes, that is a yummy salad 🙂 I believe there is butter lettuce, ham, shredded cheese and white beans. I hope you love it too 🙂

  3. These ideas are great, how do you keep the hot foods warm?

    1. Thanks you! Most food the kids are ok eating at room temperature.

    2. I was wondering if you packed an ice pack for deli meats, cheese and salads.

      How do you keep the apples looking fresh?

    3. Yes, I use ice packs for most foods 🙂 You can keep your apples looking fresh by soaking them for a couple minutes in lemon water 🙂

  4. I realize this is an old post, but what brand are the cheese crackers in the first lunch box?