Easy Weekly Meal Plan Week 46

Easy Weekly Meal Plan Week 46 - Family Fresh Meals


Welcome back to another easy weekly meal plan! There are a lot of yummy recipes for you to try out this week! I hope this post helps plan out all your eats for the week! Happy Sunday and happy planning ?

Easy Weekly Meal Plan Week 46

Breakfast​​ Suggestion

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Biscuits ​​and ​​Gravy ​​Breakfast​​ Casserole
Lunch​​ Suggestions
Chicken ​​Fajita ​​Pasta ​​Casserole

Appetizer​​ Suggestion
Mexican Street​​ Corn​​ Dip

Main​​ Dish
Monday​​–​​​Easy​​ Crockpot Taco ​​Pasta ​​Bake
Tuesday​​–​​​20​​ Minute ​​Garlic​​ Beef​​ and ​​Broccoli ​​Lo​​ Mein
Wednesday​​–​​​Crockpot​​ Buffalo​​ Chicken​​ Pasta
Thursday​​–​​​Mustard​​ Glazed​​ Grilled​​ Steak ​​and​​ Salad
Friday​​–​​Kitchen​​ Closed
Saturday​​–​​​Ham​​ Cheese​​ and​​ Broccoli​​ Quiche
Sunday​​–​​​Crockpot ​​Irish​​ Stew

Side​​ Suggestions
Cowboy​​ Caviar​​ Recipe

Dessert​​ Suggestion
Halloween ​​Ghost​​ Cupcakes

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