Cute Holiday Lunchbox Ideas

Cute Holiday Lunchbox Ideas - Family Fresh Meals

For a kid stuck in school during December, it can be hard to get into the holiday spirit. When you’ve got to wait in the cold for your school bus every morning and sit in a classroom all day, Christmas starts to seem like a dim light at the end of a really, really long tunnel.

So I like to bring a little Christmas cheer into the school day for my kids by packing them special, festive lunchboxes. Just a touch of peppermint or a splash of red, white, and green, and suddenly it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.Cute Holiday Lunchbox Ideas - packed in EasyLunchboxes Containers

Here are a few examples of some cute holiday lunchbox ideas:

  1. My Candy Cane Lunchbox has a red-and-white assortment of veggies and cheese, plus graham crackers with my delicious Creamy Peppermint Dip.Cute Holiday Lunchbox Ideas - Candy cane lunch box idea
  2. My Grinch Lunchbox has fruity Grinch Kabobs, holiday M&M’s, and a green quesadilla sporting an evil Grinch smile made from black olives.Cute Holiday Lunchbox Ideas - grinch lunch packed in Easylunchboxes
  3. The Christmas Tree Box livens up fresh fruit and chocolate-covered pretzels with some Greek Yogurt Peanut Butter Dip packed into a Christmas-tree cookie cutter and adorned with M&M ornaments.Cute Holiday Lunchbox Ideas - holiday tree lunch packed in easylunchboxes
  4. The Snowman Box includes holiday treats of cheese cubes, summer sausage, accompanied by water crackers colored like snowmen using food markers. (aff link)Cute Holiday Lunchbox Ideas - snowman lunch packed in easylunchboxes

With these lunchtime treats, my kids can feel the holiday excitement even in the middle of the school routine.

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Lunchboxes: These are one of my favorite lunchboxes for the family.
Food Markers:  Make food fun with these food color markers!

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Cute Holiday Lunchbox Ideas

The holidays are here! Add some cheer to your kid's school day with these Cute Holiday Lunchbox Ideas
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes


  • Each lunchbox ingredients will vary


  • Place ingredients in lunchboxes and store in fridge. Use within 3 days.

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